Conference Agenda

10:00-10:45          Registration and Coffee (Ballroom)

10:45-11:30AM      Welcome and Keynote Speaker, Mike Paccione (Ballroom)

11:45-12:30            Breakout Sessions (4)

12:30-1:15PM         Lunch and networking (Ballroom)

1:30-2:15                Breakout Sessions (3)

2:30-3:15              Breakout Sessions (3)

3:15-4:15              Refreshments and Networking- Leadership opportunity tables (Vanport Room)


Learning Outcomes

By participating in the conference, students will have a chance to:

  • Explore communication approaches and media that are effective for the task, audience, and context of what they are trying to achieve.
  • Gain skills in listening and being open to
  • Gain practical skills in leadership (such as
    facilitation, handling conflict, organization, etc).
  • Explore how their current leadership roles can help them in future career exploration and attainment.

Breakout Session Options: 11:45-12:30

Smith 327: Peer to Peer: Mentoring Programs at Portland State (P)

This session will bring together representatives from a variety of peer mentor programs at PSU.  Some of the peer mentor programs have existed for several years, whereas others have been developed recently or are currently in the planning process. Representatives will discuss the objectives of their peer mentor program, provide some of the history behind the program, and engage the audience in a discussion of the benefits of mentoring.  Our goals are to inform participants about the various programs, highlight the important role that peer mentor programs play on our campus, and consider some of the common goals— and key differences— of the various programs. This session provides an opportunity for both current peer mentors and students who are interested in becoming peer mentors to learn more about each program, as well as what mentors and mentees can gain from the mentoring experience.


Smith 328: Hate Speech, Preachers, and Protests: 1st Amendment vs the University?

A look at the First Amendment and how it relates to the university setting.  Provide information about the rights and responsibilities of the student and the university with regard to time, place and manner in which they exercise their right to free speech.


Smith 329: How to Run for Student Government

Interested in getting involved with ASPSU, your Portland State Student Government?  Join us for a workshop on what it takes to campaign and get elected for office, what student government does on campus, and other ways to get involved with student power.


Smith 228: Communicating Across Culture

Our communities on campus are very diverse and represent various cultures.  In this workshop, you will learn that while some of a culture’s knowledge, rules, beliefs, values, phobias and anxieties are taught explicitly, most of the information is absorbed subconsciously.




Breakout Session Options: 1:30-2:15

Smith 327: Interrupting Oppression (P)

As student leaders, it is imperative that we create space for equity and understanding for all. Interrupting Oppression, or creating dialogue about how we experience oppression in our lives, is a powerful tactic to use. In this engaging and skill-building workshop, we’ll identify ways in which we experience oppression every day and develop various strategies to interrupt it. The ideas and skills presented in this workshop will help participants build their leadership methods and capacities.  


Smith 328: Should I Press Send? (P)

Communicating online has become an essential part of our personal and professional lives.  As convenient as these modes of communication are, they can also be complicated.  Communicating clearly and effectively is a learned skill.  How do we adapt our methods of communication based on the audience and context?  What should we consider as we write emails, send text messages, post content to social media, or participate in online discussions?  In this interactive session, participants will explore etiquette and effective techniques for engaging students, peers, and other professionals online.


Smith 329: Did You See That?

Have you ever seen something that just doesn’t seem right to you?  You know that you should do something, but don’t really know what to do?  This session will teach you how to recognize when something isn’t right and develop skills to intervene safely.



Breakout Session Options: 2:30-3:15

Smith 327: Communicate Your Leadership Experience: Land that job!

Utilize your leadership experience to land your next job.  Learn how to market your leadership skills in your resume, cover letters, and in interviews.


Smith 328: Communication in the Unknown (P)

This hands on activity will help you to identify your habits of communication in a group and strategies for dealing with conflict and consensus.  We will discuss how to identify one’s role in a group as well as how to utilize mindful communication skills.


Smith 329: Strategies for Vulnerable Communication in Leadership (P)

This workshop will address the role of vulnerability in leadership by exploring the influence values and power have on student leaders.  Vulnerability plays a vital role in leadership by helping us to be present in the engagement of our communities and to help us strengthen individual connections.  Through this workshop participants will learn various strategies to embrace vulnerability in order to foster even deeper connections with individuals they work for and with.




2014 Sneak Peak at Session topics…..

Not all the sessions have been confirmed, but here is a sneak peak at what you might find at the 2014 Student Leadership Conference: COMMUNICATE!

  • First Amendment and Free Speech
  • Communicating Across Culture
  • Interrupting Oppression
  • E-etiquette
  • How to interview for your next job
  • Facilitation Skills Training

Plus, we have an amazing keynote lined up,  Mike Pacchione.


In early 2010, Mike was hired to give a keynote address at Nike. With seven years of teaching Public Speaking under his belt, he thought he knew everything about storytelling. Then a friend showed him Nancy Duarte’s TEDx talk. His mind was blown and he had to meet the people behind such brilliance. Within ten months he was facilitating for Duarte, the largest presentation firm in the world. 

Mike has a Master’s in Communication Studies from Portland State University and a BA in Speech Communication from the University of Richmond. He mentors at Portland Incubator Experiment, the Oregon Entrepreneur Network, Portland Seed Fund and 500 Startups. For the past six years, he has taught on an adjunct level at Portland State. 


2014 Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda

10:00-10:45     Registration and Coffee (Smith 355)

10:45-11:30     Speaker, Mike Paccione (Smith 355)

11:45-12:30     Breakouts (various topics and locations)

12:30-1:15     Lunch and Networking (Smith 355)

1:30-2:15       Breakouts (various topics and locations)

2:30-3:15        Breakouts (various topics and locations)

3:15-4:15        Coffee and Dessert and Leadership Opportunity Fair

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